Jun 05, 2015

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You never forget your first set of wheels.

Especially if that first set was attached to your dream car. In my case, it was a Jeep Wrangler, specifically a 1999 model, brand new at the time and painted chili pepper red.

Without necessarily realizing it, I think one of the things I loved so much about that new Jeep was its long history.

Even though, I didn’t appreciate the exact details of that history, I knew that Jeep Wranglers were simply everywhere and it seemed like they always had been.  Instantly recognizable, driven by some of my relatives, many of my classmates, and routinely featured in war movies on the big screen.

Jeep Wranglers were, for my generation, what muscle cars were for my parents’ generation. Undeniably iconic.

The storied legacy of the Jeep Wrangler line is most certainly an exciting one and something you can be a part of by exploring either the preowned or just-arrived inventories at a Jeep dealership in Miami.