Dec 19, 2016

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For the season of giving, there sure is a lot of wanting in the buildup to Christmas. There’s no escaping it either. Between the aggressive sales, not to mention sales associates at various retailers, catalogues from businesses you’ve never even heard of crammed into your mailbox, and digital deals dragging down your cyber-speeds, even the classic Christmas movies and music are motivated by the good old-fashioned gimmes.

Ralphie wants to risk his eye with a Red Ryder BB gun, Spike Jones wants his two front teeth, Madonna’s got an endless list for Santa, including decorations bought at Tiffany’s, all topped off by ring, and it all begs the question – absent of the guy in the red coat, who’s paying for all this jazz? Naturally, the never-ending Yuletide want translates to a need for extra Christmas cash.

Few of us escape the anxiety-inducing adding up of expenses, not to mention the year-round cost of living that doesn’t disappear into the glow of twinkling tree lights. Take heart, friend. TPI Staffing is here to help you navigate the holiday season with some extra Christmas savings.

We’ll silence the whines of Ralphie, Spike, and Madge for a moment to bring you the latest list of manufacturing gigs sure to get you in the spirit and get you those much-needed greenbacks.