May 13, 2015

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In order to be a collector’s item, a car has to have something that others don’t.

Looks, performance, power, and some other defining characteristic that makes a consumer think, “I gotta have that car.”

By definition, anything collectible must have an additional rare quality or two. Collectible items are generally hard to find and rarely seen in the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

So when you do spot a collectible item, the sighting itself becomes a conversation piece, a story already started and waiting to unfold.

When it comes to vehicles, a collectible car is often defined to mean a car manufactured in a low-production year.

Only so many made means only so many available, and they tend to become even tougher to find as time marches on, especially in their original form, as so many low-production model vehicles are often customized, particularly for racing.

Now would be an excellent time to track down one of the very few Dodge Ram SRT-10 pickup trucks still in existence.

Time is of the essence, as it always is, and these powerfully unique Dodge Ram trucks, unlike anything seen before or since, are sure to be the collector cars of the future.

What kid didn’t grow up dreaming about driving the “Fastest Pickup Truck in the World?”

The ultimate getaway car...or truck, that is.