Jun 08, 2015

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The Chevy Nova was a compact competitor in the legendary American pony wars.

While the 1960s and 1970s witnessed a fight between American automotive manufacturers to produce the fastest and most powerful muscle cars, the Chevy Nova was just right when it came to size, speed, and affordability.

But it didn’t start out as the Chevy Nova…not quite, anyway.

Eager to produce a budget-friendly compact muscle car, Chevy introduced the Chevy II. As a model name, Nova was relegated to runner-up name because it didn’t start with C.

However, Nova was chosen as the name for the higher-end, sportier trim option, and did eventually replace Chevy II as the car’s official name in 1969.

Produced between 1962-1988, you can find used Chevy Novas at your Chevy Dealership in Lexington, KY