Aug 07, 2015

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Summer is an inspiring season. With the cold dull of winter finally behind us, summertime opens up a world of longer days and warmer weather, the perfect conditions for adventure. Summertime lures us to the outdoors, to get out and explore the world around us.

Combine that enticing invitation with the appeal of a pickup truck and you’ve got a scene waiting to be set to music. And that’s exactly what country artist Easton Corbin has done.

Following the lead of fellow country star and Ram brand ambassador, Miranda Lambert, who’s song “Roots and Wings,” is dedicated to the Ram truck line, Corbin has also released a brand new ditty, “Let’s Ride.” Of course, there are scores of songs about pickup trucks, but the theme of making memories and finding your direction really speaks to the Ram brand’s motto, “Grab Life.”

Pickup trucks and summertime fun are a natural fit, and it makes sense that country artists would celebrate that connection in song. See what makes the Ram trucks worth singing about…particularly, the award-winning 2015 Ram 1500–one of the best-selling trucks for sale in Miami.