Oct 16, 2015

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“Roads? Where we going we don’t need roads,” so said Dr. Emmett Brown, played by wild-haired Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future.

Thirty years ago, Back to the Future aired for the first time, rocketing Marty McFly and the DeLorean to fame. In honor of both the film’s anniversary and the upcoming release of the 2016 Toyota Mirai, Toyota has partnered with the Back to the Future franchise to promote the Mirai, available at select Toyota dealers by the end of this month. For now, distribution will be limited, but not for long.

Back to the Future co-creator and producer, Bob Gale, explained the unique quality of this connection. “While there are a lot of brands and activations that are celebrating the Back to the Future milestone, Toyota stands apart for their nod to the future and the past with the auto technology depicted in the movies.”

The brand promotion is especially ingenious when you consider that Mirai is Japanese for “The Future.”

Read on to see what the future has in store…and scope out some throwback cinematic moments while you’re at it.