Jan 01, 2017

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With mere moments to go before we ring in the New Year, many of us reflect on what works in our lives and what doesn’t. The days following Christmas lend themselves to a quiet consideration of what to embrace and what to leave behind as we herald in another year full of possibility. The celebrity death news alone this year leaves many of eager to send off 2016 with a hard shove and a resolve to better appreciate each new day and those we share them with. Let’s start with your teeth, considering they share precious space in your head and are so critical to your health as a whole.

While many of us prep for the New Year by cleaning out closets, basements, and refrigerators, why not take a minute and direct some of those cleaning ambitions to your next dental appointment. Out with the old (food, toothbrushes, rancid breath) and in with the new – a newly polished smile, courtesy of your next dental cleaning. Curious as to what exactly constitutes a comprehensive dental cleaning? We’ve got you covered…