Jan 20, 2016

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DAVE PETTYPursuing Personal Style through Photographic Processes

From a fledgling interest that developed in high school, Dave Petty now boasts more than 35 years of experience as a commercial advertising photographer. As a young student, Petty began by shooting black and white photos and “just fell in love with the process.” He now credits that process for driving his passion and subsequent professional pursuits, which he embarked upon after graduating from New England School of Photography.

As a photographer, Petty is dedicated to exploring “the artist’s dilemma,” the awareness of who you are and what your images are saying. He teaches with an intention to elevate this awareness in his students and help them begin the process of looking inward in order to develop a personal style reflective of how they see the world around them.

Photography, to Petty, “is really all about awareness. Really, it’s the art of seeing.”