May 18, 2015

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Gone, but not forgotten. Or so the saying goes.

But, when it comes to a few sports cars now gone from the Chrysler line, it’s possible that you have, in fact, completely forgotten about the Big Three.

Granted, it’s not actually been that long since they were on the road. However, their time on said road was rather short indeed and these cars are now considered a part of the Chrysler legacy.

So, who are these Big Three?

The Big Three were the sports cars conceived by the joint efforts of Chrysler, Plymouth, Mercedes-Benz, and Mitsubishi.

Sounds strange, it’s true.

And in some ways, the Crossfire, Conquest, and Prowler, were somewhat strange creations, but the combination of their blink and you’ll miss it existences and their unusual innovations lend them a fascinating quality worthy of a closer look.

Since they are no longer among the inventory at Chrysler dealerships, let’s go back in time and revisit some of the Chrysler legacy.