Aug 18, 2015

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In a classic spin on “Follow the Leader,” we have received word that one leader in the automotive world is following closely on the aluminum heels of another.

Chevy is right behind Ford in its plans to rebuild its lineup, specifically the Chevrolet Silverado, out of aluminum materials. This, after Ford successfully risked re-crafting its 2015 F150 pickup truck.

Aluminum materials, in lieu of steel, result in lighter vehicles, with improved capabilities and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Who doesn’t want that?

Well it seems like just about everybody does as Ford has struggled to meet growing demands for their new aluminum pickup truck. If Ford’s experience is any indication, I bet your local Chevrolet Lexington KY will have a hard time keeping the future aluminum-based Silverado inventory stocked.

Time will tell, but for now let’s see why industry experts and consumers are increasingly in awe of aluminum…