Oct 01, 2016

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Sure, it’s hard to imagine anyone being especially stoked about getting fitted for braces. Instead of the blessing they actually are, most people consider braces the bane of their existences, a black mark on their social lives and overall appeal. The fact is, most of us serve a stint with braces, but there is no need to treat the time like a prison sentence. In fact, everything in life is about perspective, and braces are no exception.

For example, did you know that braces could actually be argued as a French fashion accessory? Well, it’s true. First created in 1728, Pierre Fauchard introduced the world – or at least – the world in France, to the existence of braces. Considered the “father of modern orthodontics,” Fauchard authored The Surgeon Dentist and likely inspired the careful, and continued progress of dental procedures, like braces.

So, if recast in the right light, rocking braces is at once contemporary and ultra vintage; in other words, the very definition of trend-setting style. Is this a stretch? Sure. But are braces forever? Absolutely not. On average, most people who need braces will wear them for approximately two years. Some lucky ducks only sport their metal for six months. Granted, there are those serving extended terms, but they are few and far between. And who knows what kinds of activity earned them those extra few months, anyway?

The point is, for so many people, braces are the key to a better smile and arguably enhanced overall self-esteem. You know that expression “put your best face forward?” Well, it’s tough to do that if your teeth resemble a row of bombed out buildings. So, in appreciation of braces, bear in mind a few healthy habits to extend their efforts even further.