Oct 01, 2016

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Getting braces is practically a rite of passage. Sure, there are a lucky few who come away unscathed, but most of us enter high school with a full mouth of metal. While we might not feel super-psyched about it, braces really are a big deal when it comes to a future of bigger and brighter smiles. In an arguably short amount of time – most people wear braces for an average of two years, some as short as six months, and a small percentage for longer than 24 months (they probably prizefight on the weekends), your braces will be just another part of your past.

Although a class bully or two might mock your braces, you should know that you’re actually making a fashion statement. Braces are French. That’s right. And given how long they’ve actually been around, you could argue that braces have gone from classic to absolute vintage-grade style in near record time.