Dec 09, 2016

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This week marks the holiday season’s first real snowfall and, for many of us, these flakes are a reminder that we could do with some extra cash for Christmas. The holidays bring many things, not the least of which might include a child’s Christmas wish list that multiplies with every cycle of television commercials.

Or maybe it’s not the gift giving of the season that has you feeling strapped. Perhaps you would simply love to present (get it?) yourself with the opportunity to clear off some debt. Better yet; if you’re like most of us, you probably relish the thought of, ahem, catching up on some soon-to-be late, if not already missed, payments.

No matter the reason – and there are plenty – TPI Staffing is expert at matching prospective employees with exceptional employment opportunities. Think of us like your own personal Santa or an elf from the fat man’s workshop. Too creepy? Then simply recognize us as the professionals who know how to plow the way for your and your family towards that extra money for Christmas .