May 05, 2015

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Just how far do you think you can drive a luxury vehicle?

Matt Farah, Executive Producer and Host of The Smoking Tire, has decided to find out for himself after recently purchasing a Lexus LS400 with 899,363 miles already on it.

With nearly 900,000 miles of adventure to its name, Matt is challenging himself as its fourth owner, along with any other willing and able volunteers, to push the limits of this machine all the way past the million-mile threshold.

So far, no breakdowns, no side of the highway thumbing for a ride, and no calls to AAA or any other emergency service have marred this mission.

This 1996 Lexus LS400 is making the journey without wheezing and without the hint of a whine.

Of course, you may not be inspired to drive your Lexus to the million-mile mark, and with a Lexus GX 460 Lease you won’t have to.

Even so, Farrah’s million-mile mission promises to provide another exciting chapter in the already legendary Lexus story.